PK yupoo link (共4张图片)

recommend the PK factory here: 查看详情

99$ 350 V2 "Zebra" Yellow Bottom (共35张图片)

it was 109$! With UV light for the men sizes now! Real Boost High Version It runs half size small. the factory has updated this batch with yellow bottom. It runs half size small.
(Only the SPLY stipe has the UV stuff).
Order link: 查看详情

$99 350 v2 "Cream White" Real Boost Right Label (共25张图片)

it was 109$! It runs half size small, choose 0.5 size up.
Order link:
Order 2 pairs by ePacket/AirMail, we will ship out them by free DHL/EMS automaticly. 查看详情
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